Soniat House Antiques

Rodney and Frances Smith are known for their discerning taste and passion for beautiful objects, two things they bring to bear as the proprietors of both the Soniat House Hotel and Soniat House Antiques. Careers in fashion for both Smiths before Soniat House helped shape their aesthetic. Guests are always fascinated by Rodney’s vast knowledge of anything decorative. A member of the design press once called him “the man with the best taste of anyone in the industry.”

His shop offers an international selection of fine art and design, from 18th through the 20th century French, English, and Italian origins. Working globally to source works showcased in the gallery, the Smiths carefully select pieces according to current trends while anticipating future taste. Among others in the impressive collection, Soniat House Antiques features pieces from renowned designers such as Pierre Casenove, Aldo Tura, and Fornasetti.


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